Indigo Shimmer

 Indigo Shimmer
 Indigo Shimmer
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These encaustic earrings have sterling silver wires for pierced ears, are 1.50 inch long, with an Indigo wax base and a holographic silver metallic overlay. They are very light and therefore comfortable to wear. Supplied with their own attractive gift wrap.



Encaustic -
  meaning to “burn in” is an art  form,  first practiced by Greeks, Romans and
 Egyptians more than 2,500 years ago. They used molten pigmented beeswax to create murals.
 Today  the wax is usually heated with a flat iron and smoothed on to the chosen surface.
I have developed this technique to create these earrings. The wax is applied to a card base and highlighted with foils. 
Because of the nature of this technique each pair is unique.

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