Encaustic Earrings


Hand crafted by me from molten beeswax, an ancient art form known as Encaustic, (meaning to burn in).  The free flowing way they are made  gives them their very unique and individual look.  Because they are so light, they are extremeley comfortable to wear.   Each pair of earrings comes complete with a beautiful black gift sleeve, with the company name ROWLAND ORIGINALS embossed in either silver or gold, making them the perfect gift for a special person.  Each sleeve measures 7.5cm X 5cm X 1.5cm.

 The earrings can be converted to suit non peirced ears using gold and silver plated screw ins.
Price includes postage and packaging in the UK
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Sky Blue Shimmer
These earrings have sterling silver studs. Thay are 1.50 long, with a wax base of two blues and a..
Encaustic (hot wax) earrings with sterling silver wires for pierced ears, approx 1.5 inches in le..
These earrings have sterling silver wires. they are approx. 1.75 in length. The base colour is gr..
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